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MOLET is an eco-social, modular furniture system made from upcycled wood pallets.

It comes from nature, just like us. When wood is turned into pallets, those pallets have a very specific purpose. The problem is once that purpose is served, it’s all over for them. So rather than letting them go to waste, we thought, why not expand the cycle? So now these ex-pallets have become MOLET, short for MOdulate your palLET. They have a whole new purpose, serving as your new furniture - the best retirement plan a pallet can have, really.

It’s built for change, just like us. The cycle doesn’t end there; your modular MOLET will keep changing according to your needs. You can alter your MOLET’s composition: rearrange bars, shelves and pins and constantly change it just as your own life changes. Your MOLET will fit perfectly in your kitchen, in the living room, in your working space and anywhere else.

It’s one of a kind, just like us, and that’s because YOU make it. You can order one of our kits to assemble at home, or you can stop by our workshop and make your MOLET from scratch with us - you’ll get all the tools and instructions you need and even your own serial number. If you have your own workshop and the tools needed, great! You can download our instruction sheet for free and build your MOLET all on your own.

It’s tailor-made, just like us. Mass production hides flaws well. But we love our MOLET just as they are, handmade and carrying their own story in every scratch. We believe in local production and in being part of the community - In Tel Aviv, in Buenos Aires or anywhere else in the world.

It’s made of unique parts, just like us. We’re an interdisciplinary team consisting of architects, industrial designers, graphic designers and other creatives. Each of us brings their own point of view, making MOLET that much more interesting.

We are MOLET.

MOLET is founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Ari Liberson, Martin Atclas and Juan Strauss.
First downloads of MOLET´s free DIY instructive.
Ari Liberson brings MOLET to Israel and opens shop in Jaffa.
First DIY workshop in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.
The JANGER prototype is developed.
The special edition JANGER 360, is presented in the Barcelona Design Week.
First DIY workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Industrial designers Eli Saar and Asaf Etzion join MOLET.
The SCALA prototype is developed.
Creative director Paco Savio, based in Zurich, joins MOLET.
Graphic designer Julieta Liberson joins MOLET.
The first MOLET kits collection is developed for sale.


Ariel Liberson / Architect / Creative director

Ari is an architect who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires who co-founded LIMA, an architecture studio based in Buenos Aires and DALE, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Tel Aviv. Even while working as an architect, he had always shown a particular interest in wood and furniture. Wooden pallets thrown in the streets were a source of inspiration, so it was only natural that the next step would be to explore their potential as raw material.

He especially enjoys concept development: analyzing a new project’s DNA and envisioning what it can one day become. For him, sustainability means respecting natural cycles - encouraging continuity and finding smart and useful ways to use the natural resources around us.

When he’s not brainstorming MOLET’s next adventure with the team, he likes spending time with his friends and family and having a good meal. Preferably both at the same time.

Eli Saar / Industrial Designer / Product Design & Development

Eli is MOLET’s co-founder and the person in charge of product design and development, as well as marketing and maintaining the studio’s professional connections. He has a clear and focused vision: he wants to see a MOLET in every home. There’s nothing he likes better than the enthusiastic feedbacks we get from happy customers who are head over heels for their new MOLET.

Eli studied industrial design in the Holon Institute of Technology and co-founded several design studios including DALE and DISSHOUSE FURNITURE. Now he’s using all those skills and experience to bring MOLET as far as it can go. Eli is a firm believer in sustainability - that’s why he’s so passionate about creating new designs from old pallets.

If he’s not working on an exciting new model in the studio, that means he’s probably at the beach, surfing (or preparing to sail the seven seas, which we’re hoping he‘ll wait for retirement to do. We need him!)

Asaf Etzion / Industrial Designer / Logistics & Operations Manager

Asaf is one of MOLET’s co founders. His job is to turn dream into wood and iron realities. He believes deeply in sustainability and recycled furniture - it’s the best possible combination of past, present and future, but it’s also the only sensible way to live. Why create pieces from new material when we’re surrounded by excellent raw material everywhere we go?

By the time MOLET was founded, Asaf had come a long way. He got his degree in industrial design from the Holon Institute of Technology, and co-founded DALE, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Tel Aviv.

Asaf loves his morning coffee in the studio almost as much as he loves bouncing on the trampoline. In fact, we’re pretty sure he’s building a olympic trampoline career when we’re not keeping an eye on him.

Juli Liberson / Graphic Designer / Content Manager

Juli studied graphic design in the University of Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She founded LUPA, a graphic design studio, and worked in several other successful firms. Now she’s in charge of developing MOLET content and communications - from digital platforms to printed materials. She manages the website and social media presence, bringing MOLET to the people (and them to the studio.)

She’s a visionary who believes that recycled furniture is a way of contributing to future generations by doing what she loves best: design. She enjoys the work process as a whole - seeing an idea become a reality through hard work and cooperation.

In her free time, too, she’s all about learning by doing. She likes to wander around without a particular destination in mind. (How else could you ever reach where you really should be?)

Paco Savio / Creative Advisor

Paco is an accomplished copywriter, photographer and art director who has worked in some of the advertising world’s best firms, and has even founded several successful brands of his own, currently working as founder and creative director of Remolino. Paco is MOLET’s creative advisor, and without him the studio would not be the same.

Paco measures his success in the happiness of the customers and as he helps other creatives reach their full potential. He challenges himself - and his clients - to always try and find a new way to think.

Even when he’s not at work, he’s always learning something new: from his children, from life, from art exhibitions, from nature… Every object has a story to tell, if you only listen close enough.


Juan Strauss / Architect / Manager of Buenos Aires studio

Apart from MOLET, it’s safe to say that Juan loves sports more than anything else. There’s no better time of day than when he’s playing soccer, tennis, surfing, or even just hanging out with friends, losing money in poker.

Still - MOLET comes first. He and Martin Altclas run MOLET in Buenos Aires, bringing our workshops halfway around the world. For Juan, recycling furniture is all about finding each item’s DNA and seeing its potential and how it can turn into a million other things. It’s all a puzzle, waiting for him to convert, upgrade, upcycle and reuse it. He loves working with his hands - really getting to know the material up close.

Juan got his architecture degree from the University of Buenos Aires, and since then has managed an amazing career in some of the finest studios in Argentina. Well, he’s ours now!

Martin Altclas / Designer / Manager of Buenos Aires studio

Martin (you can call him Marto, he’d like that) is all about design. For him, the very fact that he is able to turn crazy and original ideas into an actual product he can hold, already spells success. He likes the thought of giving a new life to an old object, and seeing strangers connect to it just like he did.

Marto is a designer by nature. He was the co-founder and creative director of several successful companies such as BANGA BOARDS and BLIKER.

And now he brings the news of MOLET to Argentina, running the Buenos Aires branch along with Juan Strauss. That’s no easy task! That’s why after a long day’s work he likes to relax with art, good food, a couple of beers and… some Nintendo time. Mario Bros for the win!

Boker Jam
Layla calcaly
Way too yelow
Design Zoom

// Where do the pallets come from?
Everywhere! We find used and unwanted pallets around the city and in street corners. If you’ve never gone out looking for them you probably haven’t even noticed just how available they are. If you have your own pallets - we’re always looking for more! You can donate them to MOLET.

// Why pallets?
Well, why not? Seriously though - we’ve always been attracted to this idea of upcycling. Pallets are perfect: they’re made of strong wood that we can use in any number of ways and give them a new life.


We recommend you first take a look at our general information page .

// Can I get a private workshop?
Sure. If you have your own suitable work space we can meet you there, or you can stop by our studio and get your very own private workshop. If you’re interested, get in touch here [hyperlink]


// Can I reserve a MOLET?
Unfortunately, no. You have to order and pay for your MOLET first. You see, we make one of a kind products. That means the item you click will be removed from our online selection.

// What can I do if the product I want is out of stock?
In our experience that’s very rare! But if it does happen to you, try again in a few days - by then we will have refilled our stock. Promise.

// I want to order a present. Can you deliver it to my friend?
Of course! You just have to enter your friend’s address instead of your own. Don’t worry, they won’t receive any information about the purchase - only the MOLET itself.

// I didn’t receive my order confirmation. What should I do?
First try checking your spam/junk folder. If it’s not there, please get in touch and we can send it to you again.


Check out our products here.

// So why did you decide to make these MOLET in the first place?
We like pallets because they’re everywhere - around the city and in every country. It’s something we all have in common no matter where in the world we are. But it’s also something that usually becomes trash when its job is done. So we decided to use our design skills for a good cause and turn those old pallets into something which is elegant, cool, modular and useful for you, giving you a one of a kind furniture.

// The wood in my MOLET is not perfect. Is it supposed to be that way?
It is. The wood we use comes from pallets, which aren’t perfect to begin with. They’ve had a long and full life, traveling by boat, plane, trucks... Those imperfections tell a story, and we love it that way.

// What finishing do you use for the wood?
We like it natural, but you can go ahead and give it any other finishing treatments like oil, lacquer, paint - you can be as creative as you like.

// What’s the difference between MOLET and any other recycled furniture?
We take pride in our quality. The design, the modularity, the finishing of the wood… Everything is top notch, just how you deserve it. Plus, we see ourselves as ‘open source’ designers. If you want to build your MOLET at home, we offer our instructions for free.

// Is all the wood you use recycled?


// What kind of payment options do you offer?
At the moment you can pay with Credit Cards through PayPal.

// Will you be sending me an invoice?
Yes. You’ll get your invoice right to your email inbox.


Headquarters: MOLET labs, Shemaiah 10, Tel Aviv - Yafo, Israel
Partners: Ari Liberson, Asaf Etzion, Eli Saar, Juli Liberson & Paco Savio
Year founded: 2012
Recycled pallets so far (september 2016): 564
Screws used so far: 9805
Number of MOLET made in 2012: 4 / 2013: 13 / 2014: 82 / 2015: 117 / 2016: 302


MOLET products are only available for purchase in Israel. You can order whichever kit (or kits!) you like and we will deliver them straight to your address. The charge for delivery changes according to location.


// Can I see the product before buying it online?
You’re more than welcome to stop by our studio and check it out (Shemaia 10, Yaffo). You can also see our products in Madafim store (Rabi Aha 4, Tel Aviv). In fact, we’re excited to say that we’re currently working on a new store, all MOLET! So soon enough you’ll be able to visit that, too.

// What happen if I signed up for a workshop but then realized I can’t go?
You can cancel your workshop spot up to one week before the workshop takes place and either get your money back, sign up for another future workshop or give your spot to a friend.












CLX3 - ASMMX2₪3400.00






MOLET products are currently available for sale only within Israel


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Special edition JANGER 360

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But don't worry, you can still sign up for the next workshop


Now that you’ve built your own MOLET, you’re officially part of the family. Tell us about your MOLET and send us your best photo so we can share it with the MOLET community!

Acceptable file tipes: jpg; png; tiff; gif.


MOLET started out as a fun project, just a few friends hanging out and creating something cool - and useful - with their own two hands. Now we want you to have the same experience: that’s what the workshops are for.

What will I be making?
Generally speaking, a MOLET - your very own modular, eco-social shelf unit made from recycled pallets. But the truth is it can be anything you want it to be. Get inspired by our own creations as well as by other MOLET made in our workshops in the past - each of them is (very literally) one of a kind.

What can I use my MOLET for?
Well, that’s exactly the beauty of a modular piece: it changes with you and can fit any number of placements and uses. It can sit just as comfortably in your kitchen as it can in your living room or your sunny balcony. And nothing’s permanent - you can play around with the shelving and hanging whenever you feel like it and shape it to your needs.

How handy do I need to be to join a MOLET workshop?
Not at all. Our workshops are designed for real wood novices. MOLET is for everyone and anyone - all you need are a free few hours, and we’ll provide the rest.

So you’ll teach me how to work with wood?
In our workshop you’ll learn the basic tools you need, but as we see it, that’s only half the fun. You’ll also be learning about design and about our method, so that you’ll understand not only what you’re doing but also why.


Can’t find what you need on our FAQ page? Drop us a message here or or contact us here

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