The pallet revolution

Modulate Your Pallet : A modular, sustainable and conscious way of furnishing our environment. 

It’s time to get back to your roots, take a moment out of your routine to Design and Do it Yourself. Our philosophy begins with the journey of Design Thinking and Mindful Making to create something that is one of a kind from upcycled wood pallets.

Our projects are all about giving new life to materials and taking ownership of the positive cycle to rethink the spaces around us. We believe in honest, collaborative design, giving everyone the tools to make a positive social change and be a part of The Pallet Revolution.

MOLET is a call to action. 

Upcycle yourself. Upcycle your community. Upcycle your city. 

We are a group of creative professionals devoted to upcycled architecture, participatory design and hands-on education.

Let’s make a difference together. 

Our Impact


Palets ReUsed


Sustainable furniture


Saved trees


People who take part in the REVOLUTION

The Family

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Multidisciplinary Designer / Edu. manager / Leader
Architect / Team Manager
Upcycler / Leader
Community Leader / Customer Success
Product Designer / Content Manager / Leader
M.B.A / Studio Manager / Impact
Architect / Leader
Architect / General Manager

Ari is an architect who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires who co-founded LIMA, an architecture studio based in Buenos Aires and DALE, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Tel Aviv.

Ari started MOLET with Juan and Marto in Buenos Aires, as a fun project. Just to meet with friends in the weekends, sharing quality time, eating together and creating something new from trash with their own hands. Wooden pallets thrown in the streets were a source of inspiration, so it was only natural that the next step would be to explore their potential as raw material. As arrived to israel and met Eli and Asaf, he started searching for a way of transforming MOLET design system into a D.D.I.Y. workshop. The power of the workshop RULES ever since!

Ari especially enjoys concept development: analyzing a new project’s DNA and envisioning what it can one day become. For him, sustainability means respecting natural cycles – encouraging continuity and finding smart and useful ways to use the natural resources around us.

Industrial Designer / product design & development

Eli is MOLET Tel-Aviv’s co-founder and the person in charge of product design and development, as well as marketing and maintaining the studio’s professional connections. He has a clear and focused vision: he wants to see a MOLET in every home. There’s nothing he likes better than the enthusiastic feedbacks we get from happy customers who are head over heels for their new MOLET.
Eli studied industrial design in the Holon Institute of Technology and co-founded several design studios including DALE and DISSHOUSE FURNITURE. Now he’s using all those skills and experience to bring MOLET as far as it can go. Eli is a firm believer in sustainability – that’s why he’s so passionate about creating new designs from old pallets.
If he’s not working on an exciting new model in the studio, that means he’s probably at the beach, surfing (or preparing to sail the seven seas, which we’re hoping he‘ll wait for retirement to do. We need him!)

Creative advisor

Paco is an accomplished copywriter, photographer and art director who has worked in some of the advertising world’s best firms, and has even founded several successful brands of his own, currently working as founder and creative director of Remolino. Paco is MOLET’s creative advisor, and without him the studio would not be the same.
Paco measures his success in the happiness of the customers and as he helps other creatives reach their full potential. He challenges himself – and his clients – to always try and find a new way to think.
Even when he’s not at work, he’s always learning something new: from his children, from life, from art exhibitions, from nature… Every object has a story to tell, if you only listen close enough.

Professional Mascot

Like all good things and greatest inventions, Taylor had also been created by mistake.

As our first exhibition came, one of our beloved most talented team members (not pointing anyone) designed the graphics that were going to express our tailor made abilities. Turned out it wasn’t supposed to be spelled “Taylor”.

Taylor is with us ever since, sustainable and charming. When he’s not working on his very secret skills, he enjoys modelling the new collections, dancing on our Instagram stories and living the good life of the true celebrity that he is.

The Cycles

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