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Belle & Sue

architecture & design June 2016 Shenkin St. 41, Tel Aviv, Israel

Who? Belle & Sue is a fashion store which started out as an online shop, then opened a temporary pop-up store – which finally became permanent right in the middle of Shenkin, one of Tel Aviv’s busiest shopping streets.
The Challenge? The brief can be summed up in three words – “nonchalant urban gallery”. Not entirely minimalistic, not to coldly urban either, and let it have a bit of an “online going offline vibe”, since it started as a virtual store.
What did we do? To make this concept come alive we used a combination of concrete, solid wood and iron, as well as a touch of polycarbonate in the dressing rooms and shelves. As for lighting, we played around with light sources that add to Belle & Sue’s unique shopping experience. This is us, the nonchalant way.

Collaboration with Dale Design studio.

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