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Pashut Kindergarten TLV

architecture & design December 2020 Tel Aviv, Israel
“Pashut Gan” is a new TelAvivi kindergarten, where children from one to three years old, can play in a cozy wooden house, sit under the tree, read in a “tipi” tent, sit together around the table, enjoy, explore and learn every day something new. Pashut Gan is a new Tel Avivi “bubble” that was designed and built taking care about our environment, exploring different ways, understanding how to do the best with what we have, with what the city gives us. Everything in Pashut Gan was made from Upcycled wood. We used 250 discarded wooden pallets that we picked up from “Midtown” Tower, the same site where the kindergarten is located. Those 250 pallets are equivalent to 3.500 lineal meters or 5.5 tons of wood! That amount equates to cutting 23 trees of approximately 20 years old.
Our client came to us after a long search for someone that could furnish the whole place with recycled wood since it was part of the concept and values from the place. Thanks to our experience working in the education field, and at the same time understanding the space as designers, we were able to design and develop this project from a holistic point of view bolding out our strongher value of doing things in a sustainable way. Hands-On Design as our powerful tool to bring to the city a new beautiful place, ignite curiosity and imagination without damaging our planet.
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