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architecture & design May 2017 Rothschild Av., Tel Aviv, Israel

Twist Bioscience creates the foundation for life and existence. Using rigorous engineering principles to capture data, Twist Bioscience is a leading innovator in DNA synthesis. We realized a project including interior architecture, graphic design, and furniture for their office on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv’s tech hub. We used DNA’s structure and properties as our concept; Combine two things to make a new one. Connection is Twist’s main principle when using data and DNA to to improve the quality of life and sustainable development of the planet. The first way we interpreted connection is the relationship between employees. We designed the workstation in a way that employees from different fields may be seated next to each other, which eases any communication barrier, smoothing the workflow and helping generate new ideas. As for the graphic design, the interior walls were enhanced with dots, binary codes and nucleobase letters, all apart of DNA’s physical structure. Twist Bioscience’s theme of discovery and connection gave us a true point of view.

Collaboration with Dale Design studio.

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