The 5 Hours Workshop

Duration: 5 Hours. Difficulty Level: Everyone is welcome.

The workshops offer a fun and accessible process of designing and creating a sustainable high­-end furniture piece, of recycled wood.

The 5Hours workshop is for people who wish to give themselves or their loved ones an out-of-the-box quality time, ending with a new piece of furniture. We’ll start the

morning with a light breakfast, a feel good mingling, a short explanation of the work process, and…Let’s Upcycle! At the end of the day you’ll go home with two versions of shelving units -a “MOLET Classic”, or a “Janger”, or a multifunctional stool. And an adrenaline rush. Wish to design something of your own? Talk to us via email or phone, before the big day.

Our workshop are held at our studio in Design Terminal, Ehud Kinnamon 32, Bat-Yam.

Feeling inspired? Clear your schedule, set a date! All potential workshops there await.

The workshop is conditional on a minimum of 5 participants.

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Products you can make

storage units
learning tower
box set
planters L
pet bed
cycling L
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