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6 sessions design & woodworking course

It’s time to get back to your roots, take a moment out of your routine to Design and Do it Yourself.
Enter your personal journey of Design Thinking and Mindful Making to create something that is one of a kind from upcycled wooden pallets. Join us at the Molet House for this unique, hands-on experience to bring your design ideas to life. MODULATE.YOUR.PALLET
#1 Introduction: Introduction to design thinking, tools and the workshop.
A mix of theory and hands-on building your first MOLET.
#2 Design Skills: Developing a brief and programme for your designs,
looking at inspiration and developing initial designs using 2D and 3D methods.

#3 Planning & Detail: Understanding the opportunities and limitations of your individual project, the materials and tools available you will test, prototype and finalise your design in preparation for making.
#4 Design & Build 1: Preparing the pieces and components of your unique design/furniture.
#5 Design & Build 2: Construction and assembly of parts and beginning to add style and graphic elements to the piece.
#6 Style & Finishes: Applying finishes and final touches to make your
creations safe and long-lasting and an introduction to installation at home.

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