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Corporate private workshop

Up.Cycle Your Self, Up.Cycle Your Team, Up.Cycle Your Company, Up.Cycle Your Community

Join us for a fun, hands-on sustainable experience and empower your team to be creative, design and build in a socially conscious way and make their own unique upcycled furniture. Treat yourselves to a break in the routine, to build individual capacity whilst also bringing people together to collaborate on a creative challenge. An easy and accessible way to explore practical problem solving tools and encourage team interaction through the stages of design and creation. Work with us to tailor your company’s Molet experience.

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5 hour workshop
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Stop for a moment and take a look around you - how much furniture do you have in your house you have built yourself? It's time to rethink the space you live in, the elements that become the landscape of your daily routine. Our ZOOM workshops are tailored for you - people who are looking for a new experience in this challenging new world. Dare, Design and Create with your own hands a sustainable and unique pieces from upcycled wood pallets, without leaving home. Every Kit includes all the parts and materials that are needed and will be delivered right to your door, we will meet at the appointed time for detailed guidance step by step in the construction and creation process.

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WP_Term Object ( [term_id] => 933 [name] => Succulina [slug] => suculina [term_group] => 0 [term_taxonomy_id] => 933 [taxonomy] => em_wks_category [description] => This two and a half hour workshop will show you how a wooden pallet, found on the street, can turn into a beautifully designed unique succulent planter. In addition to crafting with wood we will talk about succulents and everything you need to know about them - how to help them grow, how to propagate them easily and successfully. With easy-to-use tools and practical techniques you will design and make your very own succulent planter. You will get to choose your unique selection of succulents and learn how to plant and arrange them, combining pebbles and other natural materials. Difficulty: Suitable for all levels To take home: A unique planter of succulents that you designed and built with your own hands. [parent] => 0 [count] => 9 [filter] => raw [term_order] => 26 )
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